Money Management Developments and Highlights of 2012

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2012 highlights

asset protection
Asset Protection Highlights

“The Importance of Asset Protection”

Asset protection has been a hot topic of debate throughout 2012, particularly due to the unrelenting eurozone breakdown and bleak economic outlook for 2013. In respect of a slow economic recovery from a double dip recession, many have turned their focus from investing, to protecting their assets. Covering everything from the best ways of protecting your yacht to the most popular aspect protection techniques, we have it all in this year’s DeltaQuest Digest asset protection round-up.

wealth management
Wealth Management Highlights

“Managing Wealth in Turbulent Times”

Difficult economic circumstances and a disorderly eurozone sovereign default have resulted in an imperative need to manage wealth using more advanced, effective and contemporary means. Against the backdrop of fragile economic growth, high net worth individuals have chosen to adopt a combination of modern and traditional wealth management techniques for the strategic and better management of their wealth.

corporate tax
Corporate Tax Highlights

“Offshore Company Formation Trends”

The most notable trend reported within the corporate tax industry for 2012 has been the redomiciliation of companies to low tax jurisdictions. With unrelenting economic turmoil throughout Europe, the once  popular and ‘tax friendly’ EU states are now being shunned in favor of more exotic and stable climates such as the Cayman Islands, Dubai, Seychelles and the Marshall Islands. Offshore company formation for the purpose of low corporate tax structures is set to continue for 2013.

individual tax
Individual Tax Highlights

“Tax Avoidance and Wealth Tax Remain Hot Topics”

2012 has been a year of overcoming the severe damages created by the Great Recession. Despite declarations that the economic crisis is over, the aftershocks of the collapse are still being felt across the eurozone, forcing governments to introduce various tax reforms in a bid to stabilize their economies. The fluctuating effects of these income tax rates is being experienced in EU member states as many strive to negate chances of a nosedive into default.

investment ideas
Investment Ideas Highlights

“How to Achieve Financial Prosperity”

Uncertainty and volatility ruled international markets throughout 2012, which was described as one of the most turbulent years experienced during the recent global economic recession. Many investors felt confused and distrusting towards conventional investment techniques, and as a result, a number of unconventional methods prevailed as an effective means to manage ones wealth.

luxury living
Luxury Living Highlights

“The Quest for an Exclusive Lifestyle”

Affluent individuals have kept the luxury industry alive and thriving with their lavish vacations, opulent lifestyles, and exclusive properties – despite the economic collapse resonating across the globe! Whether it is owning an AmEx Centurion credit card, or educating their children at expensive private schools, high net worth individuals have outdone each other this year in their pursuit to display their wealth.

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