2012 Luxury Living Highlights – “The Quest for an Exclusive Lifestyle”

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Affluent individuals have kept the luxury industry alive and thriving with their lavish vacations, opulent lifestyles, and exclusive properties – despite the economic collapse resonating across the globe! Whether it is owning an AmEx Centurion credit card, or educating their children at expensive private schools, high net worth individuals have outdone each other this year in their pursuit to display their wealth.

Here are the top 8 stories we covered for luxurious living in 2012:

Prestigious CardsPrestigious Credit Card: A Glimpse into the Millionaire’s Wallet

Exclusivity has become synonymous with wealth – exhibiting one’s position in modern elite society.  As such, 2012 saw a developing trend in the number of affluent individuals seeking to become members of the most exclusive credit card clubs in the world.

Luxury BrandsAsian Markets Keeping the Global Luxury Industry Alive

As the eurozone debt crisis engulfs more EU countries, reports show that Asian economies have become the primary contenders in keeping global luxury markets flourishing. Japan and China are set to take center stage as luxury goods producers for 2013 and beyond.

Educating the EliteEducating the Elite: An Investment for the Future

Having the means to financially provide for your child’s future is one of the biggest advantages of being a wealthy professional. With fees for some of the world’s most exclusive private schools reaching over $100,000 per year, it is evident that no price is too high for the rich when it comes to educating their children.

worlds richestThe World’s Richest and Most Powerful People

Becoming a billionaire and maintaining status in the whirlwind storm of a recession is quite a feat, especially for those who have accumulated their fortune in the midst of the economic slump. Check out the most powerful and influential people of the year 2012…

Business CentersBooming Business Centers and the Quest for the Perfect Property

From the world’s tallest building in Dubai to the luxurious One Hyde Park in London, the quest to own exclusive property reached a new level in 2012 as affluent individuals battled to own the most extravagant properties in the major cities of the world.

Top YachtingTop Yachting Destinations around the Globe

Yachting has always been considered to be a leisurely activity of the wealthy, with yacht owners seeking lavish vacations in exotic locations. From docking in Monaco to anchoring off the idyllic coast of Thailand, the elite are set to experience whichever destination their money can take them.

AffluenceThe Importance of Career Choice to Achieve Affluence

The road to success is not easy– it requires hard work and dedication, and this journey begins with the career you choose to follow. Although the investments industry boasts the highest number of billionaires, other sectors are becoming intrinsically linked with producing the world’s highest paid jobs.

Exclusive Hotel SuitesThe World’s Top 10 Most Exclusive Hotel Suites

From the exclusive Presidential Suite of The Raj Palace Hotel in India to the Penthouse
Suite of Hotel Martinez in France, each hotel suite caters to the expensive taste of the wealthiest in the world. Here are our top picks for 2012!

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