2012 Corporate Tax Highlights – “Offshore Company Formation Trends”

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The most notable trend reported within the corporate tax industry for 2012 has been the redomiciliation of companies to low tax jurisdictions. With unrelenting economic turmoil throughout Europe, the once  popular and ‘tax friendly’ EU states are now being shunned in favor of more exotic and stable climates such as the Cayman Islands, Dubai, Seychelles and the Marshall Islands. Offshore company formation for the purpose of low corporate tax structures is set to continue for 2013.

Corporate bankingTop Jurisdictions for Corporate Banking

Cyprus and Malta have remained top of the list throughout 2012 for companies seeking low risk, high privacy, and internationally accessible offshore corporate bank accounts. Experts believe 2013 will see a surge in offshore corporate banking in light of expected tax hikes and further banking restrictions.

Corporate StructureTop 10 Jurisdictions to Set Up your Tax Effective Corporate Structure

The eurozone debt crisis has worsened this year, with Greece and Spain falling hard. Investors’ confidence is shaken, and businesses are now following the ‘corporate structure culture’ to benefit from low offshore tax rates.

Tax SystemsCorporate Tax – Simplifying Tax Systems will Boost Economic Growth

Complex and outdated tax laws are a burden on businesses and many have fallen victim to obscure tax codes or fled offshore to enjoy simpler tax regimes. Voluminous UK and US tax laws must be reformed in 2013 to boost local investment.

Fiscal Unity of EuropeFiscal Unity of Europe – Can a Common Corporate Tax Save the Eurozone?

As 2012 draws to a close, speculation is mounting as to whether the eurozone can survive yet another year without an overhaul of the current Treaty, taxes, and infrastructure. The eurozone breakdown could be saved by implementation of a common corporate tax system.

Forex BrokerageTop 3 Locations that Offer Favorable Corporate Tax to Set-Up a Forex Brokerage

Largely unaffected by the double dip recession, the forex industry has catapulted its way to the forefront of ‘safe haven’ investment ideals. 2012’s hot spot locations for forex setup include Cyprus, BVI and Belize.

Liberal Tax Systems5 Most Liberal Corporate Tax Systems in the World

Permissible manipulation of international tax systems combined with effective corporate structuring has enabled businesses from all over the world to benefit from liberal tax regimes offshore.

Budget FailsUK Chancellor’s 2012 Budget Fails on Job Creation Promise

Despite a cut in UK corporate tax to 22% by 2014, no further consideration has been given to SME’s which has contributed to a decline in job creation. This is because disproportionate tax rates have made it harder for small businesses to recruit.

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