2012 Asset Protection Highlights – “The Importance of Asset Protection”

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Asset protection has been a hot topic of debate throughout 2012, particularly due to the unrelenting eurozone breakdown and bleak economic outlook for 2013. In respect of a slow economic recovery from a double dip recession, many have turned their focus from investing, to protecting their assets. Covering everything from the best ways of protecting your yacht to the most popular aspect protection techniques, we have it all in this year’s DeltaQuest Digest asset protection round-up.

top offshoreTop Offshore Banking Locations for Enhanced Privacy and Protection

The surrounding financial crises forced individuals to review their asset protection strategies this year, with many turning to offshore bank accounts in locations such as the Seychelles, Belize and Singapore to protect their wealth.

Protecting your YachtTop Ways of Protecting your Yacht

Protecting your yacht from the perils at sea is a concern for vessel owners worldwide, but with the enforcement of stricter maritime regulations and ongoing financial crises, the need to protect your vessel against creditors and external factors has become vital.

Asset Protection TechniquesFive Most Popular Asset Protection Techniques – Should We Trust Innovation or Experience?

The saturated marketplace has led to cowboy advisors and low-grade attorneys jeopardizing the integrity of the asset protection industry. As such, traditional asset protection methods have triumphed this year over new innovations.

 Turbulent EconomiesTurbulent Economies Lead Investors to Panama Foundations

The breakdown of the eurozone and default of EU member states has led wealthy investors to look beyond Europe to protect their assets, with many individuals setting up foundations in Panama.

Trade SafelyTop 10 Tips on How to Trade Safely

Knowing which commodities to trade and how much to trade by are fundamental to the return you make on your investments. These expert-trading tips can help you to become a market savvy trader for 2013!

Entrepreneurial AcitivityEntrepreneurial Activity: Is it Worth the Risk?

The recession has hit most industries and as a result, redundancies are widespread. In light of austere recruitment conditions, professionals are taking to entrepreneurship to combat  their unemployed status and to generate much needed income.

diamondsDiamonds and other Precious Stones Prove to be a Safe Haven for Investors

Once known as a girl’s best friend, diamonds became the hottest property for investors this year. In light of 2012’s global boom in diamond investments, 2013 is set to be a prosperous year for precious stone trading.

Estate PlanningIgnoring Estate Planning – a Goldmine for Creditors

Complex estate planning rules and inheritance legislation has meant many individuals are not preparing a Last Will and Testament before they die. The New Year is a time to review your estate plan and secure your wealth from creditors.

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