2012 Investment Ideas Highlights – “How to Achieve Financial Prosperity”

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Uncertainty and volatility ruled international markets throughout 2012, which was described as one of the most turbulent years experienced during the recent global economic recession. Many investors felt confused and distrusting towards conventional investment techniques, and as a result, a number of unconventional methods prevailed as an effective means to manage ones wealth.

Take a look through the articles below to learn more about some of the most popular investment techniques of 2012:

investment bankingThe Resurgence of Investment Banking sees a Rise in Boutique Banks

Traditional investment banking was turned on its head in 2012 with the proliferation of boutique banking. As the economy remains weak, high-end investment banking amongst boutique banks looks set to maintain its success during 2013.

real estate investmentReal Estate Investment on the Rise as Investors Seek a Safe Alternative to Banking

This year saw many people reassess their investment strategies in an attempt to overcome the worst of the eurozone debt crisis. Consumers chose to invest in offshore real estate to ensure the safety of their assets and provide them with continued potential for growth.

chinese yuanChinese Yuan Considered a Safe Haven for Forex Traders

The Chinese Yuan became a very popular trading option this year. This was because China’s persistently robust economy accelerated the appeal of this elusive currency as a new safe haven option for forex traders worldwide.

technology start upsInvesting in Technology Start-Ups

Investing in technology became a unique and highly sought-after investment strategy for 2012. As the economy remains unstable, individuals continue to seek technology investment options as they enable the highest return on investment for the lowest risk.

moving abroadMoving Abroad to Find Employment: How to Invest in Your Future

The recession had a severe impact on the employment sector, leading many to relocate to more stable, booming nations in an attempt to boost their career prospects, earn good salaries and escape the worst of the downward slump.

trade forexCurrent Climate Encourages Investors to Trade Forex

This year saw many investors trading forex as it was considered one of the safest havens for investments. Offering protection from financial, economic and political uncertainties, traders from across the globe look set to continue placing their faith in this lucrative industry in 2013.

investorsFive Golden Rules for Investors

As we enter 2013, it is essential to remember that the investment market remains a turbulent one involving a combination of uncertainty and risk. Following these tips will assist in achieving the most profitable and secure long term investments.

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