2012 Wealth Management Highlights – “Managing Wealth in Turbulent Times”

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The recessionary period affected a number of sectors, making managing wealth a complex and challenging task this year – even for the savviest of financiers! With the economic situation taking a turn for the worse, traditional wealth management techniques have become more prominent over the less conventional methods. In addition, the focus of wealthy individuals has turned to financially preparing for their children’s futures through the adoption of effective saving strategies, such as the Junior Savings Account (JSA).

Below we take a look at some of the most popular wealth management techniques for 2012:

corporate structuresTop 3 Corporate Structures to Manage Your Wealth

With a number of countries desperately trying to stabilize their economies and avoid a Greece-style bankruptcy, many of the super rich turned to extreme measures to protect their wealth from being completely wiped out – namely, by forming an offshore company.

forex tradingForex Trading On the Rise As Investors Seek a Safe Haven for Managing Wealth

As one of the only industries largely shielded by the affects of the recession, forex trading became an increasingly appealing wealth management strategy for 2012. As the sovereign debt crisis blasted its way across Europe, investors sought the strength and reliability of the forex industry.

Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management: An Investor’s Guide to Financial Prosperity

A portfolio manager was never more vital than in 2012, which experienced severe financial adversity. Making all the difference between losing a fortune and gaining a significant return on investment, portfolio management services saw a leap in popularity.

innovationTradition Vs Innovation – Who to Trust to Manage Your Wealth

During the past year, many wealthy investors lost confidence in banks to manage their wealth with integrity and as such, were forced to seek alternative and more innovative wealth management techniques.

markets in turmoilSwiss Wealth Management – Are the Good Times Over?

Faith in Swiss banking took a nosedive in 2012. What was once considered a location of ultimate security has since been placed under the watchful eye of tax authorities, leading fewer people to seek the former privacy of Swiss banking.

graduates hit hardGraduates Hard Hit by Recession as Employment Remains Turbulent

The European economic crisis hit graduates the hardest, with youth unemployment rates reaching staggering heights in many EU countries. As a result, the value of a university degree dropped dramatically, leading graduates to resort to alternative tactics in the plight to find employment.

Junio Savings AccountsJunior Savings Accounts That Significantly Boost a Child’s Inheritance

It’s never been a better year to begin preparing for your child’s future as the outlook for 2013 remains bleak. The downfall of the eurozone has forced many parents to seek alternative measures to ensure a financially stable future for their children.

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