Top Yachting Destinations around the Globe

The last decade has witnessed an overwhelming interest in luxury yachting holidays, as more and more wealthy holidaymakers seek an unsurpassed holiday experience that offers extreme privacy and luxury. As interest continues to flourish, a growing number of marinas are being built, renovated or extended across the globe, in order to accommodate for such dramatic growth in interest.

Top Yachting DestinationsA yachting holiday is like no other; it offers the ability to escape from reality and experience a unique trip in an exclusive, remote and idyllic setting. Each and every yachting trip is different in that it enables travelers to customize their itinerary, offering them the opportunity to escape from the tourist trail and enjoy a truly personalized holidaying experience.

Whether the yacht is chartered for a specified period of time or personally owned, individuals can tailor their trip in accordance with their personal wishes and preferences. If desired, a full crew and amenities can be included, giving holidaymakers the chance to sit back and enjoy a truly once-in-a-lifetime holidaying opportunity aboard a stunning vessel.

Although there are countless yachting destinations located across the globe, a handful continue to appeal to the world’s wealthiest holidaymakers, be it for their maintenance services upon docking, their berthing facilities, or the attractions and entertainment available on land.

Monaco; Monte Carlo

As one of the world’s most famous yachting destinations, Monaco, located in the heart of the French and Italian Riviera, is the most expensive place in the world to moor a yacht, with the average daily fee set at around $1,200 per day. Known as the unofficial capital of the international yachting community, Monaco’s Port Hercules is lined with row upon row of multi-million dollar vessels, where yachters can benefit from high security, a safe shelter for their yacht as well as modern systems to ensure that all yachts receive the highest quality services upon docking.

Often described as a rich-man’s playground, once moored, holidaymakers can take advantage of everything that this alluring and glamorous seaside settlement has to offer. At just 0.8 square kilometers in size, Monaco is a high-end travelers dream, offering impressive entertainment facilities including the world famous Monte Carlo casino, superior dining services and some of the world’s most elite nightclubs.

Thailand; Phuket

With breathtaking views, diverse landscapes, crystal clear waters and untouched beaches, Thailand has a lot to offer to the adventurous traveler. Regarded as Asia’s premier yachting destination, it is considered a more indulgent location that offers speed boating, deep sea fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving amongst other activities. Particularly for those who wish to travel ‘off the beaten track’, it gives travelers the opportunity to escape from reality and experience a truly unforgettable yachting holiday.

Research suggests that the number of yacht buyers based in South East Asia has risen dramatically in recent years, with the majority of vessel owners flocking to Thailand to take advantage of their lavish maritime features, including convenient fuel docking, pressure wash service, temporary berthing facilities, taxi and limousine services as well as 24 hour security. The burst in popularity and demand has resulted in considerable growth of Thailand’s marinas, including further plans to expand Phuket’s Royal Marina.

yacht ownersPhuket has a positive reputation as a world-renowned yachting destination, in large part due to its fully equipped and contemporary marinas. A haven for yacht owners, Phuket’s Royal Marina is located at the epicenter of the province’s east coast, in proximity to tropical bays, lagoons and islands. Amongst some of its many features, it offers spacious berths, luxury waterfront villas and exclusive penthouses.

Described as Thailand’s world class luxury lifestyle marina, it also features a state-of-the-art yachting infrastructure and is the only marina to offer a boat lock and private moorings right on the doorstep of the island.  Once docked, the Royal Marina is home to high-class restaurants and bars, couture shopping boutiques and an array of health & fitness facilities, giving yachters an all-inclusive dream holiday that combines peace and tranquility with opulence and indulgence.

USA; Miami

America is an incredibly popular location for yachters. Reports suggest that yachting has risen in prominence in the last decade in America, and particularly in Miami, where the yachting industry has exhibited significant growth in recent years.

Since 2010, Miami introduced an amended tax rate that enabled marinas to offer reduced dockage rates and operating costs to yacht owners, thus encouraging a larger number of people to select Miami as their holiday destination of choice. Mooring prices average around $1000 per day for super-yachts, and with favorable tax laws and market conditions, keeping a yacht at one of Miami’s many marinas is an affordable yet luxurious option. In addition, the city of Miami’s municipal marinas are famed for the extreme levels of privacy, safety and comfort they offer to yacht owners.

With numerous beachfront marinas available to select from, as well as state of the art technology and equipment, stunning skylines and countless amenities, Miami maintains its stance as one of the finest yachting destinations in the world.


Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus looks set to become one of the most flourishing yachting destinations in the world. The new multi-million euro Limassol Marina, which is set for completion by the end of 2012, will offer unique yachting facilities to some of the world’s richest billionaires. This development provides yacht owners with a range of exclusive services, including the opportunity to dock right outside their holiday properties – with Cyprus being the first marina in the Mediterranean to offer this facility.

In a bid to heighten the interest of yachting tourism, the government has invested substantial funds into improving the surrounding areas of the marina, including the nearby medieval castle area, along with Limassol’s cosmopolitan town centre. The island is also a safe location for families whilst providing plenty of amenities that appeal to children and adults alike.

Cyprus has been a reputable yachting location for many years and is renowned for specializing in luxury yachting services across the island. Whether you wish to charter a vessel or utilize your own, Cyprus offers numerous outstanding locations to berth on the doorstep of some of the Island’s most luxurious 5 star hotels. Once docked, holiday goers can take advantage of the rich heritage, world-class restaurants and magnificent shopping facilities Cyprus has to offer.

A holiday like no other

A yachting holiday is a unique alternative to a coastal holiday, as it offers unparalleled privacy and flexibility that enables holiday goers to experience freedom at its finest. A holiday aboard a luxury vessel is like no other, offering stunning scenery, shimmering waters and white sands in some of the world’s most idyllic settings. It is therefore no surprise that a growing number of travelers are opting for the charm and appeal of an exclusive and tailor-made yachting experience.

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